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First Business Breakfast

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

News from Facc Florida Business Breakfast.

Joel Toikkanen Director of Sales and Marketing at RVS Technology USA LLC and Tom Kuutti President & CEO of USA Medical Electronix, Inc

RVS Technology works also as a preventive method, protecting your mechanisms against coming wear. For example treatment of car parts will protect your car from serious problems in the future.

The new year started with vengeance, that is with a new kind of an event for the FACC-FL. We had our first ever Business Breakfast. Our speaker was Joel Toikkanen, a dynamic Finnish-American entrepreneur. His presentation focused on how to bring to the U.S. market a novel product developed in Finland. 

Joel presented his case with passion and enthusiasm and was met with numerous questions. As I had hoped, the event turned out to be a lively back-and-forth between Joel and the audience which numbered some 25 active participants. A great turnout to begin with!

Our next Business Breakfast on Saturday, February 8,  will be different.  Whereas we had an SME corporate case in our first one, the second one will feature KONE Corporation, the most international Finnish firm with strong global presence, including the U.S.. John Simon, a former head of communications and a close advisor to KONE key owners will discuss how KONE became what it is today, a leading elevator manufacturer globally. You are most welcome to join us at Finland House on Saturday.

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